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With a variety of water tanks ranging from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, Pioneer can answer all of your water storage needs. As a result of our Pioneer V-LOCK ® tank wall profile, our water tanks have the top structural integrity on the industry.


We at Pioneer Water tanks wish your tank to become a part of your home and Bundaberg, with 20 COLORBOND ® colours to pick from they can blend in with any home. Genuine COLORBOND ® and ZINCALUME ® steel sheets provide the finest protection to ageing and fading for your tank.

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As water becomes a more sought after natural resource, plenty of Australians are depending on rainwater harvesting

From rural families storing water to supplement mains water to water the gardens or use the washing machine, to semi-rural family members looking to stop depending on mains water for their household.

From city residents wanting to find a small water tank for their smaller block, to rural farmers relying upon water to live and keep their plantations or animals alive.

Manufacturing, supplying and installing rainwater tanks in Bundaberg and all areas of Queensland for over 30 years

Opting for the right sort of water tank is not a one size fits all answer. Factors such as expected consumption, water harvesting capacity, and accessible space to house a water tanks are all things that will want to be regarded.

So what types of rainwater tanks are there, and which one would be ideal for you? Should you get an above ground rainwater tank or a below ground water tank? Keep reading to find out more.

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The steel rainwater tank has been a water storage choice for a long period of time. As with most things, latest modern technologies have allowed the steel water tank to become a lot more sturdier and more durable.

Steel tanks have developed to now incorporate liners, rust mitigation technology, antimicrobial innovation, and vermin seal security.

Bushfire Ebook

Fire Protection Valves

Your Pioneer Water Tank can be equipped with a fire protection valve, and water reserve supply to assist local fire authorities in having access to water if your home is threatened by a bushfire (see image).

Before installing a fire protection valve, check in with your local shire and/or bush fire brigade to know your particular requirements. Rockhampton tank info.

Pioneer Water Tanks

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