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Big or small, with a large variety of tanks from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, Pioneer can ensure your water storage requirements are matched. Our Pioneer V-LOCK ® wall profile ensures the structural integrity of your rainwater tank no matter the size.


With 20 COLORBOND ® colours to select from, Pioneer tanks can be matched to your home and fit among the surrounding making a fluid environment around your house and Rockhampton. To produce long lasting durability we only use authentic COLORBOND ® and ZINCALUME ® steel, making certain your tank look and feel vibrant and fresh for much longer.

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As water becomes a more sought after resource, a lot of Australians are looking to rainwater harvesting

Regular people are wanting to enhance current water supplies, or supply a water supply where one does not exist.

From the country to the big smoke, households, agriculturalists, producers and cattle station owners are looking to self supply as their main supply of water.

Manufacturing, supplying and installing rainwater tanks in Rockhampton and all areas of Queensland for over 30 years

Going for the right form of watertank is not a one size fits all solution. Aspects including anticipated usage, water harvesting functionality, and readily available space to store a water tanks are all variables that will want to be considered.

This article will serve to steer you in the appropriate direction when looking at the right variety of tank that may be best matched to your needs.

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The steel water tank has been a water storage choice for a long time. Similar to most things, more recent technologies have made it possible for the steel storage tank to become a lot more stronger and more long lasting.

There has been an array of design developments with the steel water tank that have made it possible for the product to change with time.

Bushfire Ebook

Fire Protection Valves

Your Pioneer Water Tank can be equipped with a fire protection valve, and water reserve supply to assist local fire authorities in having access to water if your home is threatened by a bushfire (see image).

Before installing a fire protection valve, check in with your local shire and/or bush fire brigade to know your particular requirements. Gympie rainwater tanks.

Pioneer Water Tanks

Leading the way in water

Water Tank Sizes

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